SS23 Ozzy Osbourne Short-Sleeve

$47.00 USD

In 1995, Ozzy Osbourne dropped his seventh studio album, OZZMOSIS, catapulting him back to the top of the metal world after announcing retirement four years prior.

We've blended the iconic OZZMOSIS album cover with unique graffiti-style logo elements on this T-shirt, creating a punk-infused tribute to the "Prince of Darkness" himself. Stand out in this artfully crafted statement piece.


SS23 Ozzy Osbourne Short-Sleeve

• Reinforced collar and shoulder hems for max durability

• Vintage distressed garment wash to keep it real

• Double-stitched sleeves for that long-lasting vibe

• Relaxed fit that works for every body type

This season's concept:

In the new season, we're diving deep into the theme of "Unity in Opposition," using tees as our canvas to push the limits of creativity and style.

• Our unique mix of cuts, fabrics, techniques, prints, and slogans, blended with tributes to music and art, sets off our shared aesthetic pride and mad strong identity.

As vintage and outdoor vibes take over the scene, R69 evolves to bring you a fresh combo of street styles, wild visual impact, and slick fabric pairings. Finding balance in opposition and unity, we can always discover that alternate world where we're fully embraced – wandering and indulging, unleashing the powerful mix of reality and fantasy.

For the 2023 season, we dive deep into the "Unity of Opposites" theme, using the T-shirt as a canvas to shatter creative boundaries.

With expert tailoring, fabrics, craftsmanship, and standout prints, we pay tribute to music and art while flaunting a shared aesthetic and unwavering identity.

R69's essence is in every stroke, rejecting conformity, stagnation, and sameness. Embrace R69 this year and find unity with your present self while opposing your past, in an endless journey of growth.

Chest Circumference

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120 cm | 47 in 50 cm | 20 in 73 cm | 29 in 25 cm | 10 in


124 cm | 49 in 52 cm | 20 in 76 cm | 30 in 26 cm | 10 in


128 cm | 50 in 54 cm | 21 in 79 cm | 31 in 26 cm | 10 in


132 cm | 52 in 56 cm | 22 in 82 cm | 32 in 27 cm | 11 in

Model as seen at 185 cm | 6'1”, and 65 kg | 143 lbs, wearing size LARGE

While the clothing is true to size, the design emulates a looser fit for wear comfort, but more importantly for the vague aesthetic. The items are designed with international standards used most commonly in Europe and the United States in mind.

The piece is shipped with a no-questions-asked return guarantee. If you are uncertain, you can reach out to us directly. Advisable height;





172 cm



179 cm



184 cm



190 cm 


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