FVVO Balaclava


FVVO Balaclava

$79.00 USD

FREE - "The imperfect time of rebirth"
WORLD - "True freedom that cannot be restrained"
ORDER - "Authority that balances various contradictions"

designed by @9turnwang


Founded in the vibrant city of Guangzhou in 2019, FVVO FreeWorldOrder embodies the pulse of the Generation Y. Inspired by their revelations, our designs refuse to be tethered to the present, challenging traditional constraints with an unwavering mission to foster genuine innovation. In doing so, we birthed a new epoch of Asian culture.

A decade in the making, refined in the crucible of street culture – where life plays out like a cinematic saga and fashion finds its genesis on the sidewalks. We refuse to be confined by style or swayed by the eras. Since our design team's inception in 2016, the challenge has been to seamlessly intertwine the contemporary with the timeless. As 2020 marked the dawn of a new decade, FREEWORLDORDER became our canvas to express the aesthetics of this new age. Time will reveal the footprints we leave behind in this era.

'Freedom. World. Order.' Our brand's iconic inverted figurine logo mirrors the duality seen in many of today's youth. A representation of dual personas, it acknowledges the side less shown to the world. Embodying both warmth and aloofness, motivating yet capable of decline. In this vast expanse we call life, freedom reigns supreme. We needn't be defined – staying true to our core is paramount. Keep Real, Follow Your Heart.