"created with passion"


Japan's vogue is renowned for its style and allure worldwide. We are a league making japan's fashionable apparel designs and prints accessible everywhere.

With the diversity of clothing and fashion accessories available at our online store, you can create any look for yourself; whether you want to go for a cute appearance, an attractive one, or a luxurious one, we've got you covered. We made MADE EXTREME™ collection with the best available materials for the best price, also the designs are spectacular on every piece. Project R69® brings to the game the best quality on market, comparable to Worlds known brands. Every piece represents our emotions in this collection. Then we made him a brother.. RED•H®

Choose the attire to reflect your true nature and personality by supporting us, and start walking the street like you're walking the pedestal!

"Since 2020"


DRIPPIELAND LLC was founded in 2020 by Dominik Kubica and David Urbanek. Our mission at DRIPPIELAND LLC is to offer an eclectic collection of the best brands available. We pride ourselves on working with established brands as well as nurturing emerging ones. Our exclusive project, R69, and Made Extreme are testaments to our commitment to innovation and creative collaboration. Additionally, we have engaged with numerous artists, including a notable collaboration with rapper Dante, for a unique brand Red H. Through these collaborations, DRIPPIELAND LLC has created a space that not only sells products but also fosters creativity and community.

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