Canvas Sneaker X Minnie

$149.00 USD
  • Joint Series Release: Collaborative design with Minnie.
  • Material: High-quality canvas with corduroy and denim fabric.
  • Color: Theme.
  • Style: Low top sneakers.
  • Sole: Oversized for a bold look.
  • Silhouette: Wide, fashion-forward design.
  • Size Guide: Available for the perfect fit.


Original Design: Unique with an oversized Old Order script logo for an eye-catching look.

Premium Materials: High-quality construction for durability and a luxurious feel.

Removable Cushioned Insole: Customizable comfort and support for all-day wear.

Wear-Resistant Sole: Long-lasting, able to withstand heavy use.

Non-Slip Sole: Designed for safety on all surfaces, ideal for indoor and outdoor wear.

Extra Laces: Included for added versatility and style options.

Behold, the fusion of Old Order X Drippieland in our latest creation: the Varsity Skater Sneaker. Expertly crafted by skilled artisans, these sneakers embrace the essence of individuality, with each top-grain cowhide bearing its own distinct character. Our craftsmen take pride in their hand-stitching mastery, connecting every piece of leather with precision and passion.

These sneakers boast a voluminous sole that not only ensures comfort but also showcases the strength of our design. Adorned with robust lacing and exquisite patchwork, the Varsity Skater Sneaker captures a bold and unapologetic spirit. To further elevate your experience, we've included additional laces in the packaging, allowing you to personalize your pair to match your unique style.

So, step into our Varsity Skater Sneaker and embrace the incomparable blend of timeless craftsmanship and modern flair, for a truly unparalleled footwear experience.

EU US Men US Women JP Shoe Inner Length (cm)
35 3.5 5.5 230 22.3
36 4 6 235 23.3
37 5 7 240 23.3
38 5.5 7.5 245 24.3
39 6 8 250 25.3
40 7 9 255 25.3
41 8 10 260 26.3
42 9 11 265 27.0
43 9.5 11.5 270 27.0
44 10.5 12.5 275 28.6
45 11 13 280 28.6

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