FW22 Washed Printed Logo Hoodie

$95.00 USD
Celebrate the art of simplicity with PROJECT R69® - the AW2022 collection that embodies 'Efficient' living. Our versatile and comfortable designs offer ingenious solutions for the modern individual. Inspired by outdoor workwear, we've crafted each piece with utilitarian elements for optimal performance. Discover effortless style and embrace life with authenticity. PROJECT R69® - where efficiency meets original.

FW22 Washed Printed Logo Hoodie

1/ Crafted from premium-quality 400g combed loopback heavyweight Xinjiang cotton fabric, this hoodie offers a well-structured, thick, and skin-friendly feel with moderate yarn density and fabric hardness. The combed cotton is known for its moisture absorption, breathability, pill resistance, soft texture, and excellent elasticity.

2/ The printing process features hand-drawn artwork and splattered paint for a unique and creative touch.

3/ The FW22 collection is inspired by a fusion of American retro, punk, rock, and other styles, blending elements of hip-hop, punk, rock, and street culture. The brand's unique designs express its value philosophy through clothing while continuously exploring the art and craftsmanship of fashion. Catering to the aesthetics and ideologies of today's youth, the brand combines various elements to create a free-spirited American streetwear brand that embodies the core values of "awakening, wildness, and rebellion."

The virus spreads, we are witnessing a changing world, and we all live in coexistence, PROJEC R69 represent clothes distinct from others.

Different forms of clothing works are displayed, showing views on modern society. The Essence of the "Time Capsule" Projection of the Present.

The design attitude of showing individuality with free enjoyment, quietly blending into your design lifestyle.

It can be said to be the fusion of retro and the future, spanning time and breaking the present, as if it was corroded by strong acid and then recharged.
Crisis and excitement.

Chest Circumference

Shoulder Width

Torso Length

Sleeve Length


124 cm | 49 in 64 cm | 25 in 72 cm | 28 in 56 cm | 22 in


128 cm | 50 in 66 cm | 26 in 74 cm | 29 in 57 cm | 22 in


132 cm | 52 in 68 cm | 27 in 76 cm | 30 in 58 cm | 23 in


136 cm | 54 in 70 cm | 28 in 78 cm | 31 in 59 cm | 23 in

Model as seen at 179 cm | 5'10”, and 64 kg | 141 lbs, wearing size LARGE

While the clothing is true to size, the design emulates a looser fit for wear comfort, but more importantly for the vague aesthetic. The items are designed with international standards used most commonly in Europe and the United States in mind.

The piece is shipped with a no-questions-asked return guarantee. If you are uncertain, you can reach out to us directly. Advisable height;





169 cm



174 cm



181 cm



188 cm 


The delivery is gratis with each other, along with a no questions asked return guarantee and prepaid tariffs, including 0% VAT.

The waiting time will fluctuate with location, for North America, Britain, and most of Europe expect 4-10 business days.

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