Hand-Sewn Craftsmanship: Each Turbo GT Sneaker showcases the artistry of hand-sewn microfiber leather and mesh techniques.

Unique Texture: The individuality of each leather piece combined with the intricate mesh upper stitching ensures no two sneakers are exactly alike.

Durability Meets Style: Breathable mesh and resilient leather construction make these shoes not only stylish but also long-lasting.

Caring for Your Sneakers: To maintain their pristine condition, keep them away from liquids, bright light, and moisture. Wipe any spills with a soft dry cloth and let dry naturally.

Comfortable Fit: The thick sole and cushioned polyester inner offer utmost comfort, ideal for both casual and sporty wear.

Sizing Options: Available in EU sizes 36-45, with sizes 46-48 on pre-order. US 5.5-11, US12-US14 PRE-ORDER.
Design Elements: Boasting a round toe design, lace-up closure, and a distinctive thick sole, these sneakers merge functionality with a trendy look.

Fall 2023 Collection: As a part of DRIPPIELAND x OLD ORDER's Fall 2023 line, these shoes are a seasonal must-have.