FW22 Rebbelion Hoodie

1/ This hoodie is crafted from premium-quality 400g  cotton fabric, offering an excellent balance of structure and comfort with moderate yarn density and fabric hardness. The combed cotton is known for its moisture absorption, breathability, pill resistance, soft texture, and superior elasticity.

2/ The printing process employs a foam glue texture for a unique feel.

3/ The FW22 collection is inspired by a fusion of American retro, punk, rock, and other styles, blending elements of hip-hop, punk, rock, and street culture. The brand's unique designs express its value philosophy through clothing while continuously exploring the art and craftsmanship of fashion. Catering to the aesthetics and ideologies of today's youth, the brand combines various elements to create a free-spirited American streetwear brand that embodies the core values of "awakening, wildness, and rebellion."