SS23 Dark Side Rhinestone Short-Sleeve

Our piece features reinforcements at the collar and shoulder hems, ensuring a durable, long-lasting wear.

The neckline is carefully double-stitched for additional strength.

Sleeve cuffs are also reinforced with dual-line stitching, giving a nod to our attention to detail.

As for the fit, we're all about the relaxed vibe – a versatile, loose silhouette that's a match for every body type. We believe in style without constraints.

This season's concept:

In the new season, we're diving deep into the theme of "Unity in Opposition," using tees as our canvas to push the limits of creativity and style.

• Our unique mix of cuts, fabrics, techniques, prints, and slogans, blended with tributes to music and art, sets off our shared aesthetic pride and mad strong identity.

As vintage and outdoor vibes take over the scene, R69 evolves to bring you a fresh combo of street styles, wild visual impact, and slick fabric pairings. Finding balance in opposition and unity, we can always discover that alternate world where we're fully embraced – wandering and indulging, unleashing the powerful mix of reality and fantasy.