Dive deep into the world where Mike Dee meets DRIPPIELAND, unveiling our groundbreaking collaboration: the Turbo GT Sneaker. Every pair is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship of our dedicated artisans, combining the unique attributes of microfiber leather and the versatility of breathable mesh.

The essence of the Turbo GT Sneaker lies in its details — each piece of leather and mesh carries its own story, brought together through masterful hand-sewing techniques. The result? A shoe that is as individual as its wearer, with every texture and stitch painting a different narrative.

Our design showcases a round toe and thick sole, seamlessly merging athletic functionality with a high-fashion appeal. For those who crave exclusivity and cherish attention to detail, these sneakers are a dream brought to life. And, as a token of our commitment to your personal style, we ensure that every shoe comes ready for countless adventures, right from our Chicago warehouse.

Step into the Turbo GT Sneaker and revel in the harmony of tradition and innovation, capturing the spirit of today while honoring the craftsmanship of yesterday.