Introducing our CloudO Slides, the epitome of smooth lines and unparalleled comfort for every occasion. This new addition to the OLD ORDER collection stems from our commitment to enhance your footwear experience.

The design journey of the CloudO was marked by rigorous brainstorming, countless refinements, and relentless effort over six months. Today, we present the fruit of this journey - a footwear embodiment of thoughtfulness and dedication.

Our CloudO Slides, often affectionately referred to as "cloud slippers" internally, owe their name to their supple comfort and charming aesthetics. The smooth, silky design is complemented by the meticulously developed, richly layered cloud-structured sole. This combination offers an immediate cloud-like, lightweight experience for both vision and feel.

The dual-density cloud EVA foam of the slides, made through a one-piece molding process, ensures a soft, bouncy footbed for comfort, and a firmer shell for foot protection. The upward curve at the toe provides additional safety while also reducing the use of glue in production, making it eco-friendly and weightless.

Additionally, the slides are designed with an ergonomically structured "big eye" vent, allowing air to penetrate the entire dorsum of the foot, bringing a cool, refreshing sensation, perfect for those hot summer days.

Step into our CloudO Slides and embrace the cloud-like comfort and modern flair, for a truly unparalleled footwear experience.